Bordeaux Wines are delighted to be working with Tesco this winter

Bordeaux Wines are delighted to be working with Tesco this winter. This is just another chapter in a long and happy relationship you Brits have with our wines; you even gave them your own name, Claret! And of course we hope that this relationship will continue this winter and beyond with the wonderful range of Bordeaux wines Tesco is offering within this promotion.

For centuries wine has been produced in Bordeaux. This has led to a great understanding of the influence of the climate, the land and the grape varieties which produce the best wines in this special region. Many of the vineyards are still family-owned. Each year the winemakers use their skill and experience to blend their grapes – Cabernet and Merlot for the reds, Sauvignon and Sémillon for the whites – to produce wines of character and diversity, whose restrained style makes them especially good with food.

There are reds to suit every taste and occasion. They range from the predominantly Merlot-based wines which are soft and smooth and ready for immediate drinking (ideal for lighter flavoured chicken and meat dishes), to the more complex and full-bodied wines where the more powerful Cabernet dominates and which need a few years to develop. These wines go well with fuller-flavoured meats and game.

At their simplest, Bordeaux white wines are crisp and refreshingly fruity – ideal for drinking on their own, and great matches for plain grilled fish and salads. The more sophisticated whites have a rich, weighty texture that marries beautifully with heavier fish dishes, white meats and pastas in creamy sauces. Then there are the sweet wines, delicious with desserts, or even well chilled as an aperitif.

So if there’s one thing to remember about Bordeaux wines, it’s that they are especially good with food. So this winter we very much hope you will discover for yourself why the food that you enjoy at home, if it had the choice, would choose Bordeaux!

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  1. Fairtrade wines are also avaiulable from Smithfield Wine in Manchester.

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