Andre Carpentier Champagne £10 in Tesco, was £24.99

Andre Carpentier Champagne £10 in Tesco, was £24.99
In-store and online at Tesco*. Offer ends 4 January ’11.

The brut Andre Carpentier Champagne is well balanced and elegant.
Persistent trail of fine bubbles; A pale golden colour with fresh floral notes; Refined with good intensity.

Wed 16 December Update: If your local store that supplies your online shop has run out of stock you won’t see the offer on the Tesco site but Tesco has assured us this doesn’t mean it’s run out in all stores.

Click Here For More Details and to Buy your Andre Carpentier Champagne


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5 Responses to Andre Carpentier Champagne £10 in Tesco, was £24.99

  1. Just like to add that I have information this morning that Tesco Have suspended all orders for it’s Tesco Direct service in Scotland. This is due to a backlog of upto 14 days worh of parcels caused by the failure of the road networks in scotland due to the bad weather. It’s highly unlikely that tesco Direct customers won’t get their delivery before xmas. Tesco Wine division has been affected, but only slightly and are continuing to accept orders and are making deliveries of wine and champagne from local tesco stores.

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